Fly fishing can be a very addictive sport. Fly Fishing for Trout, Salmon and Steelhead can be a great fall/winter experience.

Fall fly fishing is a great time to be on the water for Trout. Most States have a fall stocking program and when the leaves are turning color adds to the experience.

Fly Tying & Flies

Salmon and Steelhead Flies are typically an attractor and usually bright colors are the ticket for catching these fish.
A basic selection of flies for Trout are Pheasant Tail Nymphs, Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymphs, Zug Bugs, Prince Nymph......more to come!

Fly Rods & Reels
A good basic fly rod for small to medium size streams is a 8' 6"  4weight rod. A simple click/paw drag reel will be all that is needed to start fly fishing......more to come!


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Fly Fishing Tips

Tippet Rings are an efficient way of connecting your tippet to the leader......more to come!

Sighters and how to use them.....more to come!

Indicators and how to use them ......more to come!

Winter fly fishing can be fun. Fishing on those cold winter days requires fishing later on in the day. The temperatures will be the warmest from 12:00noon to about 3:00pm. This time of day will typically  be the most productive time to fish. Fishing with small flies is the the ticket. Midges in a few colors, small pheasant tail nymphs, Rainbow Warrior Nymphs is a good start......more to come!

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Warm weather fly fishing can be exciting when targeting, Bass, Carp and other warm water species.

We  fish in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania. We enjoy fishing smaller streams and rivers as well and we are always looking for native brook trout ....more to come.

*Safety precautions while wading...... Unfortunately, I have witnessed a fisherman lose his life while he was fishing. Fishing in fast strong current and losing your balance can be life threatening. A wading staff and spiked or felt soled wading boots can help with stability. A good foothold on slippery rocks is absolutely essential. Don't take a chance with your life, no fish is worth it!

Trout do live in beautiful places!

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